Exclusive Camps of Erstwhile Royalty

The Royal Migration Camp

In the heart of the wilderness and in these unfettered lands filled with untold stories, secrets and infinite beauty, lies the Royal Migration Camp.

From the Great Rift Valley to the Ngorongoro Highlands winding down into the endless savannah, from the rivers that meandered, from the old bull elephants that wander in these ancient lands to the great migration of over a million wildebeest, this is Tanzania and it’s hard to describe her beauty in words. Her rhythm needs to be felt, her air as pure as the ancient history that enveloped these lands.We at the Royal Migration camp, nestled in the heart of this, want you feel the rhythm of Africa and explore her endless beauty.

Our Camp is small, highly personalised and replete with every comfort. Come safari with us as we embark on a quest to uncover this magical world full of culture, history and magnificent wildlife. The camp speaks a language of luxurious exclusivity, yet takes nothing away from feeling the raw beauty of the African bush.