26 January 2021 – Departure for Africa

Hello all,
I had returned to India to update certain family matters in Bhopal and Hyderabad and got locked down. I am off to the Serengeti again on the weekly Ethiopian flight out of Mumbai.
The latest for travel out of India to Kilimanjaro is:
Qatar flies daily out of most major cities to JRO
Ethiopian departs from Mumbai every Friday and out of Delhi every Saturday to JRO.
Air Tanzania has linked up with Air India and will take you up to Dar es Salaam. You can hop onto a local flight from there.

The challenge with this set up unless you live in Mumbai or Delhi is taking a local flight with carry on luggage. I am flying Vistara in the hope they will empathise with me. Will update you how that goes.

I will also update on the various airports that I will be flying into.

Am taking my Covid19 test now – result will come in the evening and will be perfect for the flight out.

I will get to Tanzania and send photos of the COVID Testing facilities and protocol. Will also update daily on our wildlife and the camp itself. The staff are working hard setting up camp. We are getting for friends visiting us soon.

If I was you I would get out of the city and get to the Serengeti.

See you there soon!