Exclusive Camps of Erstwhile Royalty

Life is a Safari

Life, at the Royal Migration Camp, begins at the edge of your comfort zone.

Life in the wilderness is challenging to say the least. Having lived ours in search of uncovering India & Africa’s flora and fauna for over three decades, we have learnt the ways of the wild and how to craft the most authentic safari experience. We understand the balance between luxury and service, where our guests can indulge in the grandeur of our Camps, without loosing the essence of  Africa’s raw wilderness. Over the years, our travels in the bush have helped in meeting the right people and over time we have developed a deep connect with the bush.

These lands, the wilderness, the seasons, the camps and the people that make your safari unique, are known to us and in the Serengeti we have found a unique team with impeccable character. Your safari lies in the hands of carefully selected group of individuals with years of experience in wildlife hospitality and great adventure seeped deep in their bones.

Meet the Team to know more about us.