Exclusive Camps of Erstwhile Royalty

10 Nights Itinerary

Day 1

The Royal Migration Camp

Land in Kilimanjaro International Airport. Charter a flight to Ndutu. We will meet you at the airport and assist you with the check in. Your guide will meet you at Ndutu Airstrip and do a game drive as you transfer to camp.

If you are unable to take the charter flight to Ndutu Airstrip, we will meet you at the airport and drive through Arusha (for shopping and last minute safari needs) onwards to camp. Driving to camp on the same day is only possible if you land in the morning. Should you be on a later flight, we will book an overnight stay in Arusha. The drive to camp from Arusha is in itself an awakening. You get to feel and smell Africa and its divine. Time permitting we will take you to a Maasai village as we descend the Ngorongoro Highlands and drive down into the Ndutu plains.

Once you arrive at The Royal Migration Camp, Ndutu, time will come to a standstill as you sit back and take in Africa. Meet our team who have been eagerly awaiting your arrival. Enjoy Sundowners overlooking the surreal valley beyond. Indulge in Dinner followed by an aperitif in the lounge. Last but not least, end your first day in Africa with a relaxing foot massage from your personal staff as they tuck you into bed.

Day 2

Game drive in Ndutu

We would love for you to spend the day at the camp, enjoying and experiencing our hospitality, getting to know a little more about Ndutu, our roots and what makes us so special. This will also give you time to recover from jetlag. If you would prefer to go on a game drive then we will gladly wake you up with the birds and after an early breakfast, you can head out for a full day's game drive in Ndutu. Spend the day amongst some of the world’s best wildlife viewing. This is your best chance of seeing Cheetah and lions on a hunt. We will also try and find you the herds of buffalo and elephant and even the leopard as he hunts the migrating herds. The light in Ndutu is special most of the time and we are sure you will get some amazing pictures. Your lunch and beverages will be packed for you to enjoy along the way.

Return to camp in the evening with the setting sun. Rest and relax in our Lounge / Library tent or enjoy a drink at our bar or maybe even a massage. A delicious Dinner will be followed by an aperitif in the lounge or around the fire. Whether you choose to end your day with a hot bubble bath or a relaxing foot massage, rest assured your second day in Africa will be a memorable one.

Day 3

Drive to the Marsh

Wake you up with the birds and after early breakfast you head out for a full day’s game drive in Ndutu, picnic lunch in hand. We will drive to the Marsh and onwards to Hidden Valley where we will spend the better part of the day before we make our way back to the two marshes in the evening.

We will look for lions and cheetah hunting and try to catch the migration if it’s in the area. We will return to camp when the sun goes down. Rest and relaxation are what is on offer for this evening. Delight in another scrumptious Dinner followed by an aperitif and perhaps some sharing of your days adventures around a campfire before turning in for the night.

Day 4


Today we will drive you to Seronera and spend the day in the Serengeti. It will be a day of driving in Africa, one that is bound to be an experience of a lifetime. With a packed lunch prepared, we will be visiting the many kopjes and the Seronera River looking for leopards, lions and other big game. We will return to camp in the evening. Enjoy one of the books in our library while our chef prepares your dinner. Take in the sounds of Africa as you drift off to sleep.

Day 5


Spend the day at camp. Wake up comfortably and after breakfast we will arrange a trek for you based on your fitness levels. The guided trek goes through stunning buffalo country. Learn what you can from our knowledgeable guide. We will meet you at the end of your walk with hot lunch. Do a game drive on the way back to camp.

On your last evening with us in Africa, Soak in the tub, enjoy a massage or simply sit around the campfire, taking it all in. There is no place like Africa.

Day 6

Ngorongoro Crater

Get up early and depart from camp for the Ngorongoro Crater directly after breakfast. We will pack a picnic lunch and we will spend the day game driving in the crater. This is where we can find black rhinos, lions on a hunt, old bull elephants that come here to die, large herds of buffalo, a hunting cheetah and even the leopard as he makes his way down the crater walls. The light in the crater is special most of the time and we are sure you will get some amazing pictures.

Return to camp in the evening for a well-earned rest. Rest and relax at the lounge. Enjoy Dinner followed by an aperitif. Another unforgettable day in Africa.

HH Bhopal is Nawabzada Saad bin Jung's great grand father. Bhopal royalty was the only matriarchal rulership in the world (Begum's of Bhopal) apart from the Queens of England.

Day 7


This is the day that we have kept aside for you to see what the true Masai is all about. We will arrange with the Chief for you to meet the people of his tribe and see how they live. You could even walk the cattle or the ladies could spend leisurely time with the Massai women doing what women do best.

Your guide will drive you to the meeting point where the Chief’s designated guide will fetch you from the camp and walk you to places which you probably would never have visited. Spend as much time as you want with the Maasai and take your fill of life defining photographs. Return to camp in the evening for a well-earned rest.

Rest and relax at the club house tent. Enjoy Dinner followed by an aperitif in the lounge. End your day with a hot bubble bath or a relaxing foot massage

Day 8,9, 10


By now you would come to know the area and have a feel of what you would like to see and do. We therefore leave the rest of the three days activities optional for you to choose from. -You can choose to drive around the Ndutu region or opt for a drive to Ol Dupai Museum, Shifting Sands and IL’Karien Gorge. At Ol Dupai Museum you will meet with remains of the first few humans on earth. It’s a surreal experience to discover the land of your forefathers. After this we will cross the Ol Dupai River and drive to the Shifting Sands. Spend a short time with this amazing mass of sand that moves around freely in the Endless Plains. Thereafter we will make our way to the Il Karien Gorge and spend time in the Vultures nesting colony. The drive through Africa is surreal. It is vast and it is endless. We drive through herds of plains game and the Maasai encampments. We can even visit Nasera Rock on this safari.

OR Game Drive in Ndutu/Hidden Valley/Masek

OR Game Drive to Seronera, Central Serengeti

OR Game Drive to Ngorongoro Crater.

OR Return to your Maasai friends and spend the day with them.

Return to camp in the evenings for well-earned rest. Delight in sharing your days experiences with us at Dinner. End each evening with an aperitif in the lounge or around the campfire. There is no place like Africa.

Day 11


After breakfast we will wish you well and say our goodbyes until the next time we meet. We will drive you to Ndutu Airstrip where you can take the flight back to Kilimanjaro International Airport. This can either be on a charter flight or scheduled flight.

Note: law now necessitates that vehicles have a canvas top in Ndutu and must be completely closed in the Ngorongoro Crater.