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9 March 2021 – Nomad 2 – New Lion at Camp

Theres a new kid in tow and he is looking mean and well fed. As the brothers continue to stamp their authority in the two Marshes upto Kisimani, near Lake Victoria, every now and then a Nomad drifts in stealing a kill. Nomad 2 arrives the night before and charged a wildebeest calf straight through camp. The amazing little furry muscle ball ran straight into the kitchen overturning staff food and ran into Halifa, our senior guide who kept him at bay by pushing with both his feet. The lion stopped to take in this ridiculously funny apparition and gave the little calf the time to slip away and rejoin his herd.

Undaunted, the lion walked past my tent and smashed an adult wildebeest a few meters from Chui, our new tent positioned to the left of the camp. He sat there and crunched into his prey right through the night, dragging it past the service track and into a thick bush.

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