Exclusive Camps of Erstwhile Royalty

Mara North Serengeti (June to October)

Location -1.73469N, 34.96797E


Have you ever heard the sound of a hundred shuffling buffalo hooves and lions roaring into the night? Once you do, you will return time and time again. That is the charm of the Serengeti.

Follow the herd of over a million as they approach the surreal Mara River. Here enormous Nile crocodiles lie in wait, hidden below the flowing waters whilst lion prides patrol the banks of the great river waiting in eager anticipation for the migrants. The Mara crossing is a much eagerly awaited annual eventide world over.

Location: We are a short game drive from the Mara River. From Kogatende Airstrip, we can either take the main Kichwa Tembo road or the short cut which is a surreal game track leading to camp. Camp is situated in typical savannah bushland, surrounded by amazing wilderness. A few kilometers away are kopjes whilst in the other direction lie the endless savannah hills. Excellent for lions, leopards and cheetah. The migration runs past camp many times.

Leaving zero footprint, Ndutu Camp relocates to the northern Serengeti during the “big rain” in May. The roads are a challenge, and it takes a month to set up camp. Camp is established close to the River Mara (approx. 25 minutes by a 4×4 on the short cut game track) and remains here from June to October, returning to Ndutu in November, during the short rains.

Mara North Serengeti has an old-world charm unmatched by any wildlife destination the world over. The surreal Mara River has captivated travellers since the 1890’s. Guests following in the footsteps of these pioneers arrive at Royal Migration Camp Mara North and are immediately taken back in time by the soft echoes of a lost era of wildlife romance. Our camp echoes this very ethos. Check into camp and allow the Msaidizi to assist you with unpacking, as your Aide de Camp plans your days with us. He will introduce you to the chef who will assist you in planning your menus, if you so wish. The cuisine on offer will surprise your expectations and taste buds alike.

Game drives can vary from day to day. First on the list will be a Mara crossing. We will endeavour to keep returning so you can experience this glorious wildlife moment. Once that is under your belt, we will start to explore the kopjes and hills nearby for lions, leopards, elephants and rhino. Rhinos are successfully returning from near extinction in the Nyamalumbwa and Kuka hills region. Depending on the duration of your stay, we will venture into the plains, around the rocky hills and outcrops to experience the diversity of landscape and wildlife, if you so wish.