Exclusive Camps of Erstwhile Royalty

Meet the Team

The Founders of the Royal Migration Camps have spent decades in the wilds of India and Africa and have found success with their ventures in the bush. Each of them have a unique set of skills, and whilst one specialises in creating luxury wildlife experiences, the other has exemplary ground handling experience in Tanzania. The Camp is also associated with Shaaz Jung, who works very closely with National Geographic as a photographer and cinematographer.

Saad Bin Jung

Founder & Director

Kickstarting his career as an international cricketer, he moved onto flirting with the wilds of India and Africa before dedicating his life to eco-tourism and conservation. Coming from the erstwhile royal families of Bhopal, Pataudi and the Paigahs of Hyderabad, Nawabzada Saad Bin Jung along with his wife Sangeeta, now specialises in creating luxury wildlife camps across the world. Africa was their first love and since the early 1990’s they have extensively travelled to every corner of the continent but chose the erstwhile lands of the Maasai as their home. Saad is a renowned author, having published three books and a well known conservationist who aims to use eco-tourism as a tool for conservation and has also founded Trusts to help the local people.

Ally Kea Ally

Founder & Director

Ally Kea Ally and his wife, both have deep roots in Tanzania. Born in the country, Ally Kea knows the Northern Circuit, every track, every waterhole, every stream and even every rock that protrudes out of the Endless Plains. A master craftsman at ground operations, Ally Kea ensures that all systems run to perfection. He adds a deep sense of understanding of local traditions.

Shaaz Jung

Expedition Leader & Host

Shaaz Jung is a wildlife cinematographer and professional photographer. He specialises in documenting and studying big cats in South India and East Africa. Shaaz has dedicated the past five years to documenting melanistic leopards in the wild and was the ‘Director of Photography’ for a National Geographic feature film called ‘The Real Black Panther’. He is an Ambassador for Nikon and Samsung in India and also runs eco-friendly Safari Lodges, where he guides expeditions into the wilderness.

Arun & Siggi Murugappan

Scion of the Murugappa family, Arun heads a conglomerate of industries which also include large tea and coffee plantations in India. Being a labour intensive business surrounded by the wilderness that he so loved, Arun understood that humans and animals both need to be treated on equal footing if he had to do justice to the environment. This determination to conserve our wildlife led him to the wilds of East Africa. Here, in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority he found his partners, Saad Jung and Ally Kea and together they chose to establish camps across the Northern Circuit of Tanzania. The three together embraced the Mission Statement written large in the NCAA HQ, “To sustainably conserve biodiversity and cultural heritage, enhance livelihood of the indigenous communities and promote tourism for the benefit of the Nation and the World”.

Arun Murugappan handles investment and financial accountability and ensures that conservation objectives are met before dividends are paid out. His wife Sigi works in the field to make sure that local community benefits are given their due weightage. She works hard at safeguarding the company’s fundamental objective of utilizing eco-tourism as an integral tool for conservation.

Operations – Sarah Moses Kaisoe

Sarah is a Tanzanian from the Maasai Tribe who is honoured to call Ngorongoro her family home. Born and brought up in Endulen Village, a short distance from the Ngorongoro Crater, as a little girl she would walk to ‘Shifting Sands’, the Olduvai George and even Il Karien Gorge. With many years of experience and a solid background in business management and customer service, she head operations at the Royal Migration Camp. She speaks fluent Maasai, Swahili and English and is the proverbial link between the Camp, the NCAA and the community.

Head of Security – Lucas Saitoti

Lucas Saitoti is our Maasai warrior, he is in charge of security at our camps. Saitoti has worked in the industry for a number of years his experience is integral to the safety of our staff and guests. Our camps are nestled into the heart of the wilderness and reliable Maasai hosts like Saitoti make it possible to do what we do. His unforgettable smile and immense knowledge on the local flora and fauna, adds a lovely touch at night to our camps.