Exclusive Camps of Erstwhile Royalty

Ndutu, South Serengeti (December to April)

Royal Migration Camp, Ndutu is your ideal exclusive camp in the bush. With six comfortably appointed tents, a retinue of staff with your own Aide de Camp and msaidaizi (Personal Assistance), the camp is designed to take you back to the days of erstwhile royalty.

It’s proven through the years, the wife, at home and even on safari, pined for her own space. It is for this reason that our camp has two types of tents. The first is four tents, each with two beds, seating and bath areas under one canvas. This is more in sync with the traditions of luxury camping in today’s Africa. Tents are large and designed to offer the highest of comforts.

The other two tents are different. The idea is to try make your safari a 24 hour wilderness experience, to make you feel the bush; allow it to permeate into your senses. Which is why your bedroom in these tents has two wings. One side has a shower, flushing lavatory and a dresser with a sumptious drawer for your clothes. The other side has a large vanity tablet with two basins, a writing desk and a bathtub. The sleeping area has two single (6 1/2’x3′) beds that can be joined to act as a double. Outside your tent, a mere ten steps away, is your standalone and exclusive lounge to relax and take in the many sights, smells and sounds of Africa. Each of these little personal lounges has a lounger and a writing desk.

When you come to the Southern Serengeti in the calving season be prepared, to witness a gathering so large at times, that it turns the earth black, the lake waters red and the sky brown with dust. The Wildebeest calve here because of the nutritious feed the short grass plains offer. The migration by far is the most awesome natural event the world has to offer. At Ndutu, we believe you will, depending on the dates you visit, hopefully see the migration in all its glory. The short grass plains extend into the very horizon, at times filled with the migrants moving in synchronised symphony, as the predators wait with bated breath. The dry season is always tough on lion prides and they look forward to this time of plenty. Around camp itself, in the past three months, we have had lions, leopards, serval, wild cat, hyena and cheetah not to mention the many nights we have spent with buffalo grazing so close that you can hear their stomach juices rumble. Sitting around the camp fire we have had elephants pass from a few yards, like drifting spirits, tranquil messengers of peace. There might even be moments when you can sit back in wonder imagining a great white hunter writing his diary. Which is why going on safari with us can be so special. At Royal Migration Camp, it’s always up close and personal with the wilderness. We love it and we know you will too!

Game drives are truly surreal here. Get up early and drive into the marsh, a few hundred meters from camp or disappear into the plains beyond. Push yourself as much as you want, we will be there with you. Have lunch under the big acacia tree at Hidden Valley or drive around Lake Ndutu and Lake Masek looking for elephant, buffalo, leopard and tree climbing lions. Many guests come to Ndutu to see the migration but go back stunned by the sheer beauty of giraffe aimlessly drifting across the surreal landscape.

The magnificence of the marshes, lakes, endless plains and gorges carved out by millions of year old rivers on the banks of which our ancestors eked out their evolutionary path to us becoming homo sapiens, never fails to amaze visitors. The Maasai came here hundreds of years back, fell in love with this endless world and stayed on forever. We are confidant that our camp will urge you to come back for more. As the old Maasai saying goes, “Once you have tasted the dust of Ndutu, you will return; again and again”.