Circa 2017 – Rhino at Camp

Circa 2017

By July of that year, we had established camp near the Kuka Hills, on the border of Kenya overlooking the Sand River. We preferred the unspoiled wilderness of these hills to Kogatende. Being closer to the Mara River at Koga was a bonus but once the guests had seen the crossing they wanted more and only the Nyamalumbwa and Kuka Hills offered that extra excitement that would make a difference to the overall safari experience of our guests. The Mara River was a 45 minute game drive from camp and we were able to show our guests the great wildebeest crossing the Mara with comparative ease.

It was known to us that Kuka hills had free roaming black rhino, elephants, buffalo, leopards and lions that could easily walk through camp at night. It was also know that the winds in these hills get funneled and could at time howl through the night. Camp had been up for a few weeks when we had a fresh batch of guests. Pride of place went to a wonderful man who had come alone. A descendant of the Peshwa’s the great Maratha fighting clan, he could easily handle what Africa had to throw at him.

My smaller guide tent was to the right end of the camp and quite close to this guests accommodation. That night two things happened, a rhino trotted through camp and the wind unseated the large samovar in his tent that we were using for running water for his basin. It fell to the ground with a loud bang frighting the rhino who sped away in great consternation tripping over a rope that secured my tent bringing it crashing down. By the time the Maasai arrived i had barely managed to crawl out, both shaken and stirred. Next morning the wonderful guest told us that he thought an animal had come into his tent but he chose to sleep through it all. If an animal was in his tent it was in his tent and there was nothing that he could do. He truly is a marvelous this man from the Maratha clan.