The Royal Migration Camp 2021 – Ndutu

Our Little jewel in the Serengeti!

The camp has come up beautifully, hats of to my wife for the interiors and the staff for working overtime to get it all together. Sarah, our manager operations has been an absolute delight to work with. The rains have made it difficult for large trucks to traverse the black cotton lands but there is no problem for our Toyota Land Cruiser 4×4’s to move around freely.

I daresay this is one of the most delicious places to visit the world over. The interiors, service and the location are so amazing that I truly wish each of you who read this could have been here. Apart from reveling in the sheer magnificence of where we are, it’s the challenges that I really look forward to. As these are best described in a story, I will start that from tomorrow. For now, let me introduce you to our little jewel in the Serengeti.

The ‘Lounge’ is the central fulcrum of your stay with us. It’s got the Bar / Pool Table tent on one side and the Dining flanking it on the side. Its designed for comfort and for extended stay.

Then you hit the bar which stands alone, forever inviting, next to the lounge. We have a pool table and a table for bridge for those that like to keep their spirits up.

When you are not on safari, you should in the bar. Thats what any wild human would do. You will love the bar for it even has a pool table with a mind of its own. You need to curry favour if you want to win. It’s only after you are a few whiskies and a couple of tequila shots down that the soul of the table seeps into your pores and you start to play to the table. We have a bridge table on which you can play board games if rubbers don’t interest you. The soft music gently wafts from the turn table and is hurriedly switched off when the lions start to roar. Lots more happens here than I can explain on paper. Its best suggested that you come and spend time with us in the bush as soon as you possibly can. Till then take care.

Let the best bartender in town make you some amazing cocktails. Whatever you do, be sure you let the moment take over. You see, we at Royal Migration Camp believe that a perfect safari experience should last 24 hours, not just the drive in the park. See you soon.