Tree Climbing Lions of Ndutu – Circa 2020 (October)

Whilst i remain stuck in another country, locked down by the virus, our Ndutu Advance Scouts reported a pride of lions between Lake Ndutu and Masek.

When Sangeeta and I first travelled to Tanzania in early 1990’s we would spend time in Manyara looking for the famed tree climbing lions of the surreal little park. Over time this became a rarity and as our travels increased into the short grass plains we started to spot an increasingly number of lion prides lounging in trees, to such an extent that lions in trees has now become an attraction of this amazing little ec0-biosphere.

We spent half a day waiting for this lioness to descend and hunt the numerous wildebeest milling around below the tree. When she did come down and kill, it was in a bush, a mere fifteen yards away. Sangeeta refuses to hold a camera, she loves studying her wilds through a binocular. For me to this act was so mesmerizing that both Ally Kea and i forgot to even put up our camera.

As we are allowed to off-road, Ndudu simply is the best place in the world to see predators in action. Come and spend this calving season with us and lets try and get a couple of kills.